Tryout Goals & Schedule

City-Wide for All Clubs

SFYS Tryout Goals & Schedule


Provide information to San Francisco residents in an orderly way, using clear and accurate information that includes important deadlines
Avoid disruption to Spring 2018 teams
Ensure all San Francisco teams and clubs are treated the same regardless of affiliations

Note: These goals are applicable to all teams or clubs wishing to receive SF City Fields for games or practices in Fall 2018


  • Prior to Week of March 19 – no advertising or solicitation of players for Fall 2018.
  • Soccer Information Fair – Wednesday March 21
    • Invite all of the youth players to come and meet clubs and programs at the County Fair Building
    • All clubs and teams must have handout describing 2018 Programs in format required including costs
    • Prior to meeting, clubs seeking APBO status must submit preliminary information to be sure that they will qualify.
  • After Soccer Fair
    • Recreational Players May Attend Spring  Soccer Practices
      • Only Fall Recreational players can attend – Clubs must confirm status
        • No prep or travel
      • Up to 2 players per practice – must sign up in advance with Club
      • For recruiting for Fall 2018
    • Clubs can host meet and greets at their offices or other non-field locations
  • Tryouts for Clubs- Start Saturday May 12 (CYSA only clubs may start May 11)
    • Use travel and prep game fields weekend of May 12 and 13
      • See Exhibit B for details.
    • Only available to clubs and teams who:
      • Have approved information to provide to families
      • Have committed to meet SF residency requirement
      • For any team that will not meet SF residency requirement – the information to be provided to families at a non SFRPD facility must be approved to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about access to fields.
    • Existing Practice fields may be used for tryouts week of May 14

Offers may be made but no player signings allowed until Friday May 18

  • Offers
    • Friday May 11 Clubs and teams may make offers to both new and existing players starting
  • Signings
    • Friday May 18- Player Signings May Begin
    • Offers may be rescinded to any player not signing on Friday May 18
  • Deadline to Submit Completed Rosters for U9 through U14 – Thursday May 24
    • Signed Paperwork by Parent Committing to Team – Form to be Developed
    • All proof of residency documents submitted
    • All payments due
  • Deadline to submit Completed Rosters for U15 and up – Wednesday May 30
  • Spotery Practice Selection Process Starts – Week of June 4

Note: Recreational team registration opens on April 15 for teams that are ready.